Thank you so very much for the beautiful and elegant work of art that was created when producing my fine crystal pet images.
These crystals made such a very beautiful and personal gift and is certainly a treasured work of art!!

I have given 2 of these as gifts as presents and was absolutely thrilled when I picked up the pieces.  They are fine solid heavy crystals and the images were so life like that it actually jumped out at you.

The comments that I have received on these precious gifts were amazing and it makes such a fine conversation piece.  will be ordering more!

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Five O gifts and treasures is amazing! My order was done sooner then expected and it turned out so beautiful! I order another one. Heirama was very professional. I would highly recommend to family & friends. Sincerely, Dove D.

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Your product is a really cool thing you got going on. When i sent the crystal to my friend as a valentines day gift from the moment she opened up the box she was like what is this. Then when she put it on the stand and it lit up she couldnt stop crying (with tears of joy of course) she said that was the most unreal gift she has ever got in her life. So I would like to say THANK YOU again my brada.
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